or a technological innovation enters the world, it is always helpful if there is someone around to help guide it along the way.

Should that idea ever come to fruition in a competitive and highly technological marketplace – this becomes a fundamental necessity.

The development of a bright new idea into a marketable product often turns out to be a journey fraught with unexpected surprises and numerous obstacles.
Technoconsult is a consulting company with a European focus and perspective. We specialize in guiding a technology project from its inception, through the complete design stage to the final commercially available solution.

For many years, we have been successful in applying our design skills and market knowledge to a variety of new and innovative ideas, and have guided projects from a conceptual stage to the completed commercial product.

This experience has enabled us to forge trusted partnerships with the R&D departments of leading private companies, public institutions and university-based research centres to assist in the development and evolution of their new ideas into viable commercial products.

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